Nuiton-Beaunoy Terres Secrètes

Reducing the use of chemicals

Impressive results

Our winegrowers always pay a great deal of attention to the health of their vines. Protecting the harvest can be a complex issue, depending on the climate conditions throughout the year and the associated threat of disease. The use of pesticides must therefore be justified according to the sector and the year. We have been using the IFT – Indicator of Frequency of Treatment – for the past two years. This indicator introduced by the French government allows us to keep a precise record of the number of reference doses used per hectare. Thanks to this, along with the fact that winegrowers are constantly reassessing their practices, the results speak for themselves. Each of the two wineries are well below the average IFT values for Burgundy, despite using different agricultural practices (tall, wide vines for Nuiton-Beaunoy and low-level vines for Terres Secrètes). The objective is to continue reducing our impact!