Help and pass on

Winegrowers join forcs

It’s never easy to find someone to take over a winegrowing business: numerous tasks, lack of experience, high operating costs and land tax…. all of these may put off a future winegrower. And some operations are still waiting to find someone to take over! It’s important for the winegrowers of the Cave des Hautes Côtes to preserve their land and their terroirs. The winery’s board of directors has therefore set up a SCEA (Société Civile d’Exploitation Agricole) to help with transition. The principle is a simple one: existing winegrowers help the future member to work the land during a handover period, which gives the latter time to settle in and find his feet. The association helps with work on the vines and also maintains those plots of land that are waiting for a buyer. This group carrying out the transitional work is known as the “SCEA des Vignerons Solidaires”. And it’s working!