Over the course of three generations in Burgundy, the winegrowers of the Vignerons des Terres Secrètes and Cave des Hautes Côtes have always been proud to represent the values of the cooperation, a model of solidarity and authenticity that has been passed down since the beginning of the 20th century. These days, this alternative approach fits in perfectly with the new social aspirations for more equity in an economic, social and ecological environment that places human values at the heart of the system. This makes sense for the winegrowers and company employers, as well as for consumers. Driven by this sense of community, the Vignerons des Terres Secrètes and Cave des Hautes Côtes winegrowers are passionate about their terroirs, proud of their vines and their convictions, and work together hand in hand towards a shared vision: producing remarkable wines, with an approach that is respectful of the environment. The Cave des Hautes Côtes and the Vignerons des Terres Secrètes have been joined together under the Vignerons Associés des Monts de Bourgogne banner since 2015.

Key figures

  • 1300 ha (3272 acres), which
    represents 4% of the wine-growing
    area in Burgundy

  • 250
    winegrowing families


  • Production
    81,000 hrs

  • 7.9 million
    bottles sold

  • export to
    50 countries

  • 2018 turnover:
    EUR 38.1 million

Our land