Encouraging professionnal integration

Inclusive wine harvest

The young winegrowers in our winery wanted to create a new super premium wine. Six plots of land that fulfill their requirement were identified in the Saint-Véran appellation. Low yields, reduced use of chemicals, harvesting by hand, micro-vinification…. for the harvest, they wanted to work with people with disabilities, an approach implemented with the help of a local association that facilitates integration into the labour market for people with disabilities. Each wine harvest presented a genuine opportunity to interact with these workers. Today, the winegrowers are proud to introduce the fruits of this labour: an iconic wine named “Révélis”.

Preserving our natural heritage

Les écuries de Chaumont

These stables, located in the Charolais region bordering the Mâconnais, are a 17th century masterpiece. To allow the owners, who are working with the cooperation of the Fondation de Patrimoine, to continue renovating this gem, the Vignerons des Terres Secrètes have produced two special wines: a Saint-Véran Croix de Montceau and a Mâcon-Pierreclos. Some of the profits from each bottle sold go towards the renovation, representing a voluntary participation to help preserve the local building heritage.

Help and pass on

Winegrowers join forcs

It’s never easy to find someone to take over a winegrowing business: numerous tasks, lack of experience, high operating costs and land tax…. all of these may put off a future winegrower. And some operations are still waiting to find someone to take over! It’s important for the winegrowers of the Cave des Hautes Côtes to preserve their land and their terroirs. The winery’s board of directors has therefore set up a SCEA (Société Civile d’Exploitation Agricole) to help with transition. The principle is a simple one: existing winegrowers help the future member to work the land during a handover period, which gives the latter time to settle in and find his feet. The association helps with work on the vines and also maintains those plots of land that are waiting for a buyer. This group carrying out the transitional work is known as the “SCEA des Vignerons Solidaires”. And it’s working!

A better understanding of the environmental impact of packaging

Well-considered packaging

“Our motivation is to learn, be curious, expand our knowledge and discuss topics with our partners and the people we work with. Working together towards a cause that makes sense and achieving personal fulfilment at the same time is the primary reason for our commitment to this project.” This is how the “Impact Zero” association defines what it does. Twenty-seven employees have voluntarily committed to an approach that aims to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging still further. Visits by our suppliers to gain a deeper understanding of production processes, intervention of experts in eco-design, internal work to study the lifecycle of each element of our packaging, etc. The association’s objective is to reconsider and redefine the packaging of our wines, in accordance with technical and economic constraints, to allow our wine cellars to use packaging that has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Partnerships, witnesses of our local roots

For many years, Vignerons des Terres Secrètes and Nuiton- Beaunoy have been working alongside local sports clubs and associations by providing them with lasting support for their actions, which are essential to promote social ties and the attractiveness of our territories.